Residents Of Boston Community Fuming Over “Bridge Bashing” Truck Drivers

Boston, Massachusetts – Residents of the Boston community of Westwood say they are at their wits end with truckers bashing into the what has now become known as the “notorious East Street Bridge.”

It happened again Friday morning when a tractor-trailer crashed into the 10’6″ low clearance bridge causing more frustration to residents and backing up traffic for a few hours. Fortunately today’s accident didn’t cause any damage to the bridge, but officials say the bridge had to be replaced this fall after series of bridge bashing incidents at the hands of truck drivers not paying attention to the clearance warnings.

The truck driver in Friday morning’s crash was cited for driving illegally on the roadway. However, officials say citations are not enough of a determent to keep trucks from damaging the bridge.


Get this… in the last six years the East Street Bridge has been bashed eighty times. Let that sink in a minute. That’s an average of more than one per month.

“They call it the can opener it’s ripped so many tops off,” resident Steve Reynolds told CBS Boston. The city has posted many signs beginning as far away as one mile, yet officials say it hasn’t helped.

“The signs have never worked,” said Westwood town administrator Michael Jaillet. “We put $40,000 worth of signs onto that street. There’s not much more we can do.”

Just this fall a new bridge span was added that raised the height about a foot, but officials say it hasn’t stopped the bridge bashing. Town officials are still trying to get the clearance up to 13’6″.

So, work is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2019 to lower the road itself another foot and a half. Anything to stop the inconveniences to residents each time a truck bashes into the bridge.

“It’ll solve most of the problems, but will it ever solve all the problems,” said Michael Walsh, chairman of the Board of Selectman. “People just don’t pay attention.”

Video shared courtesy of CBS Boston/YouTube.


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