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What made you get into trucking?

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    My earliest memory of wanting to be a trucker goes back to daycare. I was maybe kindergarten or 1st grade? I dont really remember. But what I do is that at the end of each day in daycare the kid who did the most cleanup/work could pick a movie to watch before nap. Each time I won I picked a movie about the life as a trucker. I cant recall much about the movie but it was 1994 and the dude hosting was in a blue big rig. But something about being a truck driver was awesome to my child mind. Getting to drive a massive vehicle and sleep in a cab just sound pretty kick ass.

    Fast forward about 21 years…..

    For me, at the time when I made the push it was out of desperation. I was 25, quite a bit college under my belt, working full-time at SAMS as a night stocker. This was the last job I had before making the decision to follow my calling. And four years later I dont know if I could do anything else.

    Sorry for the long text ot jumbled wording I just am really curious on how / why you all decided to make trucking your career.

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