Driver found guilty in altercation with security guards?

The guards lied and the judge believed them. They said they had a right to do what they did and the judge sided with them. I can’t stop now. I have to fight this.” – Clinton Kirker, owner operator

GoFundME for the Kirkers:…

Joseph Canell was a Merchant Marine “civilian Sailor” sailing across the world and living in some great places. He came back to the United States and became a truck driver and just kept on travelling.

With the ever expanding global economy, Joseph and his partner Lo decided to go all into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Starting with their first endeavor of many to come with the formation of Kettlestrings.LLC

Being a truck driver has taught me many things about this country, and myself. I hope that the videos on this channel are insightful and educational as well as entertaining.

Please stick around as we keep going forward on this journey.


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