ALERT: NYS Thruway Authority Enacting Emergency Tolling Procedures

Lackawanna, NY – The New York State Thruway Authority is enacting emergency tolling procedures beginning Sunday night in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new statement, Thruway officials said, “For the safety of Thruway Authority personnel and the traveling public and out of an abundance of caution, emergency tolling procedures are in place to create appropriate social distancing for cash collection until further notice.”

Thruway officials explained that cash toll lanes will remain open, but toll collectors will no longer be distributing toll tickets upon entry to the Thruway system, and motorists will not be paying the toll collectors cash when they exit the Thruway.


Instead, upon exiting the system, customers will be asked to provide their entry location to the toll collector in order to calculate the toll amount due.

Customers will also be asked to provide their license plate information and the Thruway Authority will mail a toll bill to the customer at a later time.

Service areas and Welcome Centers along the 570-mile Thruway remain open.


Though dining rooms and seating areas are closed, restrooms are open and food can be ordered to go/take-out and via drive-thru services.

Fuel services also remain open at all service areas.


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More Emergency Tolling Programs

A number of other tolling authorities have already enacted similar emergency cashless tolling programs.

Transportation Nation Network (TNN) first broke the news that the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission instituted cashless tolling on Monday, March 16.

Other tolling authorities in Illinois, Maryland, Florida, Oregon and Oklahoma have enacted similar measures.



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