Justin 400×400

Justin aka The Outlaw

Season 1: The Driver's Lounge

Justin is a small fleet owner and 3rd generation Owner-Operator.

His company, Interchange Tractor, LLC., is based in Davenport, IA. In his free time, he enjoys building trucks and entering them in shows. He calls trucking “a passion that I can’t shake,” and is very vocal about his distaste for what trucking is today in season 1 of The Driver’s Lounge.

“It’s something about the black smoke and chicken lights, the mirror like polish and dragging bumper with all the air out that gets me, but that ain’t truckin’ anymore, it’s all political and who-is-screwing-who these days.”

Justin was also featured in an episode of Transportation Nation Network’s original series shows, Trucker Traders, along with several episodes of Truckerville.


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