Captain Greg

Greg Myhre

Captain of the Truckerville Road Crew
Greg Myhre, Host of Truckerville
Truckerville Road Crew Captain Greg Myhre hails from Rugby, ND. He is the son of a farmer and the nephew of a truck driver. He grew up around trucking. Greg went on to earn his Master of Fine Arts in Theatre, Film, and Television from UCLA in Los Angeles.
After graduation, he started acting on the longtime daytime soap Days of Our Lives for the next three years and went on to appear in numerous films and television shows such as Smallville, Drive, and Serenity. He is also an accomplished theatre and voice-over actor earning both the Gracie and George Burns award for comedy and the Jack Nicholson award for acting on the stage. As the host of Truckerville, Captain Greg has been given the opportunity to mix comedy, acting, entertainment, and his love for the hard-working people of the trucking industry.
Greg has won over fans from around the world because of his deep respect for truckers and his “no fear” attitude. He takes viewers on a drive through Truckerville like they’ve never experienced before. You are invited to come along for the ride, so you better buckle in and let’s get rolling!
“It’s a honor to host such a fun and meaningful show. Taking viewers to places they’ve never been or maybe will never be able to go is a thrill for us at Truckerville. However, introducing viewers to remarkable truckers making a real difference in their families and communities is definitely the highlight of the show for me. We’re telling the stories of awesome truckers and going inside trucking events in a way that’s never been done before. Everyone involved with the production of Truckerville genuinely respects truckers for their sacrifices and the valuable contributions they make to our way of life, and I think that reality shines through in the show. I’ve been blessed to be a part of major radio, television, film and video game productions in my career, but I believe I’ve found a home in Truckerville. I’m grateful so many fans are enjoying the show. It means a lot to us all!” – CG

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