Ben 400×400

Ben aka Dark Arkie

Season 1: The Driver's Lounge

Ben fulfilled his life-long dream of becoming a trucker in 2012.

He grew up on 10 acres in rural Arkansas, where he attended high school. collage and truck driving school. He knew from an early age he wanted to be a trucker. 

“I began to always wonder where they were going to and from, and at age 18 I got my CDL. I didn’t start trucking then (due to college and a part-time job), but I always knew trucking was the job I had my heart set on.”

He became an OTR trucker four years after getting his CDL and currently runs all 48 states and Canada.

Even with the changes he has seen in trucking over his tenure, it is still his dream job.

“I like sports, food, traveling, geography and history! Trucking combines all of my likes, and it’s been a blessing to my life. You will always find me with a smile and quick to lend a hand, but I take life one mile at a time.”


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