• Minneapolis, MN – A New Jersey trucker who became a household name within the grassroots trucking community during the recent battle with brokers is taking on a new fight… and this time, he says it is about something much

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  • Oklahoma City, OK – A Texas trucker is suing a major truck stop chain after he was shot by a security guard during a parking dispute earlier this year.

    Alvie Paul Sisk, 43, of San Angelo, has filed suit in the District C

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  • Madison, WI – A Wisconsin business owner is coming under attack after one of his semi-trucks collided with a vehicle actively involved in impeding the flow of traffic this week on a busy highway.

    Pickett’s Paving has bee

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    • These protestors are violent. We’re out here trying to do a job, and their in the way. Why does this protesting have to be done on the interstate? Miserable excuse for a Governor in this state. Im siding with the driver again. The protesters had insurance i hope? They should pay! Thank God the driver wasnt injured.

  • Kiefer, OK – An Oklahoma trucking company specializing in heavy haul is shutting down after 75 years in business.

    Stone Trucking Company (STC), owned by Alabama-based

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  • Adair, IA – A truck driver’s mistake could have resulted in a disaster this morning at a gas station in Iowa after officials say he took out a diesel pump, sparking a fire.

    Adair Fire & Rescue (AFR) was called to the

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  • Minneapolis, MN – The protesters who pulled the driver of a semi-tanker from his truck before assaulting him on a Minneapolis intestate last weekend will not be charged.

    According to Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehen

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    • Utter BS to say the least. These are violent protestors and they meant to hurt the driver. Hes better than me. I would have kept rolling. Im not waiting on someone to beat the hell out of me. If you want to be a speed bump, thats on you. Otherwise, move! Ill deal with the rest later, but im still alive!

  • Little Rock, AR – As reports continue to emerge this week of rioters targeting big rigs amid the social unrest and outrage over the death of George Floyd, truckers are being faced with increasing dangers.

    One trucker’s r

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    • Deadly force/stand your ground? But the few states that allow firearms across state lines, drivers havent done research or paperwork to be compliant w yhe law, thus they would save/end lives but fall to gun charges… &if dude wasnt looting how did he end up btw the doubles? At the least in &every protestor that disturbs a driver by approaching semi should be prosecuted for vandalism no matter the damage caused (attempt of theft or not)

    • Every one has the right to defend themselves from lethal harm. George Floyd had that right too and was denied that right by Excessive Police Force.
      Truck drivers have the right to defend and flee from harm involving fear for their lives. Mobs have removed drivers and beaten them to death.
      Mobs assume that risk of death by disabling truck safety devices in their attempts to gain access to drivers.

    • Me as a driver, im leaving the scene. If the protesters mean no harm, they wouldn’t get on top, inside, knock the glass out, or try to open the doors of my semi or trailer. If you think im waiting around for someone to do a Reginald Denny on me, their sadly mistaken. And to think that family has the nerve to file a lawsuit, is appalling to me anyway. He was back there looting with the rest of them. Why else be between the trailers? You shouldnt have been in the way, PERIOD! The family sounds like they want money. What if fedex had stopped? They would have pulled him out and beat him for sure. Family thinks thats ok though? They reported someone was pointing a gun at the driver as well. He did the right thing….get the hell out of there and dont look back. If they charge him, im going to start a protest, BECAUSE TRUCK DRIVERS LIVES MATTER TOO! As for the Kenan driver caught on the bridge with the tanker…there werent proper barricades up, or he wouldnt have gotten on the bridge. People were on top of a gasoline trailer and busting the glass in on the truck. They stole his wallet and personal belongings. Here again, i wouldnt have stopped. My life is important too. One spark could have ignited the gas, and the whole bridge would be a fireball. The media is to blame here too. He wasnt trying to kill anyone, or he wouldnt have stopped twice. He would have barreled to the far left at 60 + mph. All lies they told. We have to protect ourselves. Put zip ties around your glad hands so they cant easily be removed when you slow down or stop for a sec.

  • Washington D.C. – On Wednesday, United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Elaine Chao weighed in on the George Floyd protests for the first time since the civil unrest began more than a week ago.

    In an

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    • All truckers & Carriers notice how CHAO said nothing about brokers theft of or rates. Perhaps instead of 300 trucks in Washington DC blowing horn.The trucking industry needs to send 3,000 trucks to Washington DC perhaps that will get Chao’s attention. Garret A.Sudbring

  • St. Louis, MO – The identity of the Missouri man who was killed last weekend by a FedEx big rig amid ongoing social unrest over the death of George Floyd was released on Wednesday.

    Police identified the victim as 29-year

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    • I always hate to see a persons life end but this trucker had every right to try to get to safety because he was under attack and this is a consequence of that attack. Note to self, if you don’t want to die, stay away from moving vehicles, better yet, go home and stop acting like fools. People have every right to defend themselves from being attacked and I can assure you that they will, that includes our EMS and police officers.

    • One of the guys involved posted about this on his Twitter account. Admitting what they were doing. I told him he is partly responsible for that man’s death!! After attacking the truck, did they really think yelling at him to stop was going to be effective?! This driver is by no means responsible!!

    • In the video that I saw, there is a possibility that the individuals climbing up on the passenger side may have bumped the door’s mirror. That would mean that the driver could not see very much out of his right hand mirror. He also blew his air horn signaling a warning he was moving.
      How did the victim get on top of a box if he was not criminally looting?
      WLG just wants to reach into FEDEX pockets instead of suing the other criminal looters.

  • Laredo, TX – A trucker was arrested last week after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials discovered nearly five dozen individuals being smuggled across the southern border by big rig.

    According to CBP, the

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  • Little Rock, AR – A trucker’s social media post vowing to never forget the lessons learned after a truck driver was brutally beaten during the 1992 Los Angeles riots has gone viral within trucking community.

    As once peac

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  • Little Rock, AR – As the country is in the midst of a second week of nationwide protests and riots, reports of big rigs and truckers being targeted by looters continue.

    Truckers are on high alert after reading detailed

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